We know what you’re thinking: Waterfalls are a luxury that you might not be set on having installed right now. We get that; and like you, most homeowners think the same way. However, we at Denton Pools strongly believe that luxury should always go hand in hand with functionality and value for money. This is why we can tell our customers in the Denton, Texas area that there is more to this Outdoor Living facility than meets the eye. Here are some of the benefits of a Swimming Pool Waterfall.


Since waterfalls cause the water in the pool to continuously circulate, it doubles as a second filtration system. You still need a main filtration system, but you will no longer need to keep it running all day long. A waterfall will greatly lessen the leaves, dirt, and other debris.

Algae Prevention

Most algae do not grow or thrive in running water, which means that waterfalls can be your best bet in prevention, especially during hot humid days. They also help in distributing water treatment or chemicals around your pool faster.

Relaxation & White Noise

Just imagine it: After a long and tiring work week, you get to spend your Sunday afternoon chilling by the pool and hearing the sound of a waterfall — at home. Studies prove that listening to running water is not only relaxing, but also promotes healthier sleep.


More often than not, waterfalls are one of the best investments homeowners make on their landscaping or backyard design. It immediately transforms your residential swimming pool into an urban paradise. Coupled with natural stones and maybe even lights for night time, you might even wonder why you didn’t have a waterfall sooner.

You can also Upgrade your Swimming Pool with other products, i.e. Decks, Outdoor Kitchens, Pool Bars, Fireplaces, and Patios, to name a few. Feel free to get in touch with Denton Pools today at (940) 382-3334 for a free professional consultation.