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Common Swimming Pool Problems

Like many things in your home, your swimming pool can and will eventually encounter problems. Whether it’s due to the weather, animals, human error, or lack of maintenance, the best way to act on a pool damage or problem is […]

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Why Pool Repair is Not a DIY Project

We at Denton Pools have received one too many calls of serious swimming pool damages not only due to unforeseeable events or wear and tear, but also due to human error. This includes many of our clients trying to solve […]

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Tips on Preventing Algae Infestation

No one likes a green swimming pool. Algae infestation is not necessarily dangerous, but it is a nuisance and a potential safety risk. We at Denton Pools always make it a point to address green or black algae as early […]

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Common Factors of Swimming Pool Leaks

A swimming pool leak can be hard to detect, but it is not impossible. As a homeowner, what you can do is to watch out for common signs and be aware of the potential kinds of damage that your pool […]

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