A swimming pool makes for a great addition to any home. It’s fun, it’s visually appealing, and it’s an invaluable tool for keeping in shape. Many who are met with the challenge of designing a pool for a family home, however, have to consider: how deep is deep enough?

We at Denton Pools have identified a handful of considerations a would-be pool owner should keep in mind:

Reflect on How the Pool will Most Likely be Used

If fitness is a primary goal, you’ll want to consider designing your pool with depth in mind. Deeper pools allow for a wider range of exercises, such as diving and prolonged treading. Moreover, deeper pools necessarily have to be wider, meaning longer laps.

Conversely, if your pool will be used mainly for recreation, you can consider minimizing the deep end.

Mind Your Kids and Pets

For homes with children and dogs, it may be a wise idea to opt for a minimally sloping, beach-style design for your pool’s shallow end. After all, energetic tikes can find themselves in all sorts of places, and safety is a top priority when choosing your pool’s design.

If you’re set on having a deep pool, however, there are work-arounds you can consider such as gating off your pool area.

Trust in the Professionals

Ratio is vital in choosing the depth of your pool. There are tricky legal requirements and ordinances as to the maximum slope allowed for a pool floor, and all sorts of odds and ends that only a professional is likely to consider. If you’re serious about adding a great pool to your home, ring up a trusted professional in your area. We at Denton Pools are welcome to accommodate folks living in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area.

When it comes to deciding on the depth of your pool, there’s no definitive guide. Assess how each member of your family might appreciate it, design with risk reduction in mind, and be sure to trust in the professionals.