A swimming pool leak can be hard to detect, but it is not impossible. As a homeowner, what you can do is to watch out for common signs and be aware of the potential kinds of damage that your pool is facing. After all, if you let a small, unnoticeable leak go unattended, it can slowly lead to bigger damages, deterioration of your pool’s integrity, cause high water bills, and affect the overall safety and usability for your family.

The most common sign of a leak is when you need to constantly refill the water by more than two inches. If you are doing this at least twice a month, then the loss of water might not be because of evaporation, filter backlash, or splashing out. Below are the common factors/causes of leaks to watch out for.


A damaged plumbing system is the most common cause of a leak. If you see puddles or notice that the soil surrounding the pump and filter is damp, then the next thing to do is to check if the plumbing connections are worn out. You can also see if the pipes have corrosion or small tears.

Crack in Concrete Pools

Pools made of concrete are known to last decades, but it doesn’t mean that they are not susceptible to cracks or leaks. Finding a crack can be fairly simple because it can likely be seen with the naked eye. You can squeeze food coloring in the water and see if the suspected crack will pull it in. From there you need to cover it immediately with a flexible polymer adhesive.

Vinyl Tear

Pools made of vinyl are generally more affordable, but are prone to tears or piercing in the liner. Most of the time the damage can be hard to spot, but if you notice signs of leakage, you can start with checking potential items that could have pierced the vinyl. Usually sharp objects or a careless swimmer is the cause of a vinyl tear. This damage is easy to repair, but it must be done immediately.

Pool Shell

Most of the time homeowners are able to detect a leak in the pool shell when the yard becomes constantly damp, and by that time the damage is already big. The best way to prevent this is have experts inspect the entire pool area on a regular basis.

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