Like many things in your home, your swimming pool can and will eventually encounter problems. Whether it’s due to the weather, animals, human error, or lack of maintenance, the best way to act on a pool damage or problem is to have professionals take a look. Here are some of the things you might encounter.


This is the most common pool problem not only in Texas, but also in the US. Algae infestation often happens when chlorine level is low, maintenance is scarce, and the weather is humid. Fortunately, the solution is fairly manageable: Shock treatment coupled with algaecide.

Clogged Filter

It may seem like common knowledge, but we at Denton Pools cannot stress it enough: It is important to keep your filters clean. This includes regularly checking and replacing the filter cartridge and removing leaves, twigs, and any debris. The most efficient and cost-effective way to make sure your filter doesn’t clog and cause other problems is to have regular and professional Swimming Pool Maintenance.

In fact, having a trusted team provide regular maintenance can come a long way. It can also prevent unbalanced chlorine levels, scaling, skin irritation, accidents, bacteria build up, to name a few.

Surface Cracks

Craze or light surface cracks are caused by shrinkage, but can be repaired through replastering. Structural cracks, however, are harder to fix since the problem is rooted in faulty construction or incorrect design. If left untreated, it will lead to leaks and a bigger and costly damage.

Swimming Pool Leaks

Unlike other leaks, a pool leak is harder to detect. It may be caused by damage in the plumbing system, cracks in concrete, tear or piercing of vinyl liner, or something broken in the pool shell.

Denton Pools specializes in Swimming Pool Repairs and Remodeling. For many years we have encountered most of the problems homeowners face in terms of residential pools. Regardless if your concern is big or small, feel free to call us today at (940) 382-3334 for a free consultation and inspection.