We make it a philosophy here at Denton Pools to involve each member of a family into our suggestions on residential pool design –right down to your furry friends. In fact, our clients often ask for advice on how to maintain a clean and sanitary swimming pool without having to ban their canine companions from enjoying a dip or near the area.

Here’s a list of our suggestions on how to do just that.

Give Your Pups a Thorough Brushing Beforehand

Stray hairs are the most frequent cause of misery for dog-loving pool owners. Avoid clogs in your filtration system and unpleasant additions to your water (i.e. hair and dirt) by brushing your dogs to remove any loose hair and muck.

Make a Habit out of Manual Pool Cleaning

The surest way to prevent problems with your filtration and drainage is to run a pool net over the water’s surface immediately after use. Wait any longer and you might have to suffer through an even less pleasant cleaning process.

Alternately, you could look for a quality machine to do the job for you –just take note that as thorough as they can be, there’s no guarantee that they’ll catch everything during their passes.

Get Your Chlorine Levels Right

The risks of exposing your dogs to chlorinated water are minor (at worst, some intestinal distress and that’s only if they love gulping down pool water as they play). But the risks of an unsanitary pool are not to be taken lightly!

Handle your chemicals responsibly and make sure your dogs are in the habit of avoiding excessive consumption of pool water to keep both your pool and your pups in great shape.

Whether they walk on two legs or four, Denton Pools believes that everyone should enjoy the fun that a pool can bring. Visit our blog again for more pool maintenance and design tips. For a more professional consultation and estimate, please feel free to contact us soon and schedule a free consultation and estimate here in Dallas Fort Worth Texas area.