Outdoor Fireplaces

Installing an outdoor fireplace is a big job. Not many people take into consideration of exactly what goes into the creation of a beautiful outdoor fireplace.

Firs there comes planning, and while planning you have to take into consideration the building codes and safety. A certified engineer is required to see to it that the building and design of the fireplace is done so in a legal way that is also aesthetically pleasing to look at and built in a safe place.

An outdoor fireplace built by Denton pools can add a new degree of personality to a yard. There are endless possibilities for the type of fireplace, from look and feeling to the overall purpose of the fireplace. Without a doubt, a fireplace from Denton Pools can entirely change the way your pool area and yard look.

Fireplace options from Denton Pools

Pit style fireplaces – A simple in ground rounded pit is a very commonly requested type of fireplace we often see and are required to build here at Denton Pools.

Brick fireplaces – Traditional, ground up, brick fireplaces are a beautiful accent to any pool area and are easily designed and created by our professional team of skilled worker and designers.

Cast iron fireplaces – For a different approach, we can also install cast iron fire places that are built from iron and tend to give a different look and feeling to a home than say a standard brick or in ground fire place.

Natural gas fireplaces – For a more aesthetic look that is clean and easy to handle, natural gas fireplaces are perfect for any pool or deck area.

Why Denton Pools?

At Denton Pools we care about our customers. We understand that when you come to us with needs of having a fireplace built, that you have a specific type and idea of what you want it to look like already in your head. Our team of designers will work closely with you to ensure we design a fireplace that meets and surpasses your expectations. It’s as easy as that, now, to hire us please call or by phone or reach us through this website.

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