Outdoor Patios

A unique patio will absolutely change the entire look and feeling of your pool area and help you bring your inner vision of your home to reality. It’s important to have a team like Denton Pools who understands the process from start to finish. Our professionals are experienced in taking a conceptual outline or idea, modifying it to be functional and aesthetically, then turning it into a real part of your pool area and yard. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and below you can see examples of patio types we typically are requested to install.

Here are a Few Patio Types We Offer:

Stamped Concrete – Many patterns available, flagstone, and seamless slate are the most common and popular types we install. There is a wide range of color options here to so you can create your own unique look and feeling. Typically two colors are chosen and it gives a unique look and feeling that is beautiful as well.

Paved Concrete – Unlikely to crack when installed by a professional like Denton Pools. Perfect for extensions and additions as it can be done in the future. When damage occurs below ground, a seamless fix is possible. When not sealed and treated, the paved concrete is not slippery.

Why Denton Pools?

At Denton Pools we are professional in every sense of the word. Our team is dedicated to providing each customer with the highest levels of care and appreciation. Through dedicated, clean, and proficient services, our team will build you a dream come true right before your eyes. If you’re curious about any of the above listed projects being completed for your home, please contact us at Denton Pools.

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