Custom Pergolas

If you’re a pool owner or plan on being one in the near future, you know how much the surrounding area of your pool effects the quality time you spend in your pool. At Denton Pools, we specialize in designing and creating some of the most beautiful pool areas and pergolas available in the State of Texas.

Our team has spent countless hours and days learning the skills necessary to develop beautifully crafted Pergolas that match all needs, styles and wished of home and pool owners. If you’re not familiar with a Pergola, think of a gazebo for your pool area. They’re very similar in nature and are often times used as a source of shade and used to cover eating and relaxation areas. Below you can see some of the more popular services we offer in relation to pergolas and your pool area.

Our Pergolas Services

Like any other part of your home, your pergola will have to be carefully planned out and crafted. These are just some basic examples of how we can help you.

Design – Our team of engineers and design specialists will be able to create some of the most beautiful pergolas you’ll find anywhere.

Construction – Our team of carpenters and fabricators are highly skilled and trained in all types of construction needed to craft beautiful pieces of architecture.

Re-Do – If you’re the owner of a pergola that is outdated or worn down, our team can fix and repair it as needed.

Wooden and Metal – We specialize in the installation of a variety of types of pergolas, some of which are made with metal or wood or a combination of the two.

Patio – If you’re pergola area requires extra patio space, our team is prepared to help in that area as well.

Why Denton Pools?

At Denton Pools we take pride in our work, whether that be installing Pergolas or installing pools and pump systems. Our team is prepared to give you the best service available in the state of Texas in regards to pools and any type of construction or services related to them.

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