Swimming Pool Repair

Unfortunately pools get damaged and break down. When this happens it’s oftentimes can be incredibly expensive to fix, however this more often occurs when the pool owner fails to repair damage when it happens originally and the problem not only persist but escalates to an even bigger problems.

At Denton Pools of Denton Texas we know how to handle pool problems and damages of all types. Our experienced team is ready to repair your pool immediately, return it to a normal level of functioning and alleviate the worry of the damage escalating to levels that are out of control.

Pool Repair Services

Replacement and Repair Tiles & Coping– One of the most common issues that are reported is the need to repair and replace the tiles on the outer edge of the pool.

Deck and Concrete Surface Repair – Sometimes because of ground shifting and settling the deck and patio will crack, this can also happen as a result or being poured improperly.

Surface Interior Repairs – Along with settling the interior of the pool may crack and cause leaks which will lead to further damages.

Lighting Repair If the lights malfunction or are in need of changing we can perform all related services.

Equipment Repairs – Pool pumps and sweeps oftentimes go out, we can upgrade, repair, or replace any equipment you may have.

Pool LinersWe will gladly repair and replace any pool liners.

Cracks in the Concrete of the Pool Sometimes a pools concrete or surrounding patio may need to be refinished due to cracks.

Diving BoardsSun and weather can warp and ruin diving boards, we can easily replace them.

Pool FiltersIf your pool filter isn’t working properly your pool can become cloudy and unsafe to swim in please call us immediately for this .

Pool HeatersDuring the winter months, the worst thing that can ever happen is your pools heater not working, call us today if this is the case for you.

Pool PumpsThis helps to circulate fresh water and send it through the filtration system.

Pool Sweepers – Sweepers help keep the trash and debris out of the pool if this breaks this can cause your pool to become unsafe, if this is the case then call us.

Why Denton Pools?

Our experience is exceptional in all levels of repair and related issues. Through the years we have seen pool issues of all types and dealt with every imaginable repair there is. Our team is committed to outstanding levels of service and performing the task needed to return your pool back to its optimal level of functionality.

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