Pool Concrete and Patio Repair

If you’re deck or pool has become slippery it may be time to have the concrete redone. You may also want to consider this if it becomes chipped, stained, cracked or unpleasing aesthetically.

Sometimes a deck or pools concrete can even warp, or when they crack and chip water gets in them and they freeze causing further damage. If freezing happens they may get damaged beyond repair and need restoration. Fortunately for you, Denton Pool services can help you get your pools concrete, deck or patio repaired and stop any further damage from happening.

Types of Pool Concrete and Deck Refinishing

Resurfacing – We suggest one of our classic textured refinishes. The textured finishes are beautiful and slip resistant.

Stamped Overlays – This is a more economical option than that of the textured refinishing. An attractive aspect of this is it will not raise the current patio.

Pavers System – This is a great option for refinishing a deck without having to remove the old one.

Why Denton Pools?

Every swimming pool is different and requires its own approach, in a lot of cases pool reconstruction or renovation might be a much better choice than repair.

Pool repair updates an aged swimming pool with better technology. While a maintenance and repair job is more focused on a singular part of a swimming pool, a restoration on the other hand will include everything.

Denton Pools can aid you in identifying which alternative is a lot better for your budget and swimming pools individual demands. We can collaborate with any contractors if it is a new home, and work with all types of swimming pools as well as any kind of damage; our services reach every location of your swimming pool as well as pool patio area and also bordering locations.

We know that your swimming pool is a fundamental and integral part of your way of living. We also understand as well that it brings you comfort as well as delight in the blazing hot Texas summer seasons. If you feel you are in need of Denton swimming pool repair services or aren’t certain, give us a ring or email us. We can quickly evaluate the situation and take the needed steps.

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