Diving Board Repair

You pay 3k for a diving board and it cracks or warps. What do you do? In most cases there is only one option, to scrap it and purchase a new one.  In some cases you can get it repaired however, but it will take professional knowledge to determine the state your board is in and whether or not you can fix it.

Lucky for you Denton Pools has the advanced knowledge needed to work with diving boards and in many instances repair them. If the board is beyond repair we can quickly replace the one you have. A damaged diving board is a very serious risk, it can lead to any number of injuries and accidents.

Types of Diving Board Repair Services

Diving Board Cracks – When a board is cracked it is usually best to throw it out and get it replaced.

Surface Erosion – In many instances we can reapply the nonslip aspect and return your boards surface to its original surface.

Missing or Damaged Hardware – When nuts and bolts are missing the board is a serious health risk or may lose its spring. In most cases we can give your board the needed “tune up” and get it back to normal working order.

Warped Board – A warped board is next to useless, warps occur from sun in most instances and make a diving board unusable.

Why Denton Pools?

Each board and its diving board set up are different and takes on special job requirements. We have worked with nearly every type of board on the market and are confident in our abilities to repair or replace yours.

Diving board repair and replacement is one of the fastest fixes on a pool. Chances are if your diving board is damaged your pool is damaged as well.

Denton Pools can aid you in all your pool and diving board needs. We will work with you to fit our job into your busy schedule and budget. We work with nearly all types of pools and pool equipment. Our services are the best in the business and we are ready to help you with all your pool needs.

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