Pool Filter Repair

Pool filters is one of the most important components of your pool in its optimal operation. When a pools filter breaks down, several problems may occur and it may take a while to show symptoms. Luckily for you however, Denton Pools is ready to help you fix any pool filter problems you may have and return your pool back a normal level of operation. In order to get your pool’s filtration system evaluated, we will run the needed test and inspections to find out what the specific problem is. Below is various repairs that may need to be performed.

Types of Repair

Pool Sand – If you have a sand bottomed pool it may be directly affected by a bad filtration system.

Broken Lateral – With a broken lateral the sand within the filter will typically be shot back into the pool.

Greasy Filter Sand – If the sand within the filter is greasy it is usually a sign that your filter is malfunctioning.

Damaged Gaskets – Gaskets that break or crack cause the suction of the filter to not work properly.

Wrong Sized Filters –  If the filter installed within the system is the wrong size the entire system will fail.

Why Denton Pools

Denton Pools knows pools and all the components that make up its filter system. Our team of dedicated experts are determined to get your pool back to a normal working order in the fastest possible time frame.

In some cases a simple repair is all that is needed to return your pools system back to a normal working order. In other cases you may need an entirely new system installed. In either case it is best to let us determine the next course of action. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your swimming pool and its filter system we will gladly help in every way we can.

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