Pool Heater Repair

A swimming pool is an awesome addition to any home especially when the pool which has  a built in heating system. However since this component is mechanical and has a tough job of keeping your pool warm, it often times breaks down and loses its effectiveness over time. Luckily for you though the pool heater is usually a fix which can be performed without causing too much interference with the pool itself.

Types of Heater Repair Services

Gas Heaters – Natural Gas heaters are considered to be a more energy efficient way of heating pools.

Electric Heaters – Electric heaters are less eco-friendly but do a very good job of heating a pool.

Why Denton Pools?

We have proudly been serving our customers in the Denton and surrounding areas with some of the best possible swimming pool heater repair services available. Our team of highly dedicated and skilled workers is ready to give you the services you desire.

We are capable and experienced in all types of pool heaters regardless of their year, make, or models. With a quick evaluation of the current situation we can help you return your pools heater to normal working order in no time.

If you have any questions of concerns about your pools heating system or anything else related to your pool, our expert staff will provide you with exceptional levels of professional services and answers.

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