Pool Sweeper Repair

Nothing is better than a nice cool dip in the pool. That’s why Denton Pools is here to help keep your pool clean and operational all summer long. It’s no secret, Texas is one of the hottest states in America. Pools are one of the only ways to comfortably spend time outside on many Texas summer days. A homeowner with a pool must always keep in mind that their pool is swimmable.

When the time comes that your pool has an aspect of it that is malfunctioning, it’s time to let the experts at Denton Pools handle the job. Our team is experienced in handling pool problems of every nature. One of the most common pool problems we see is a failing pool sweeper. A pool sweeper is essential to the wellbeing of your pool.

Here’s Why You Need a Pool Sweeper

Pools collect debris, people swim in them and hair sinks to the bottom. Insects and other animals get trapped in pools and die. Debris from trees, bushes and just about everywhere else can end up in a pool. Without a proper running pool sweeper, the pool can suffer in the way of cleanliness. It’s essential therefore that your pool sweeper is working on a routine basis.

The pool sweeper will help collect debris, stop algae from growing and take care of a majority of the cleaning that a person would otherwise have to do. The pool sweeper typically runs in accordance with the pump system and is on a timer. If at any time your pool sweeper stops working, let Denton Pools be your team to handle the issue and return your pool back to a normal working order.

Why Denton Pools?

Pool sweepers are just one part of a pool system. A pool like any other operational system must have all parts working at all times. A leak, a busted pump, damaged pool sweeper, or improper drainage system will all cause the entire system to fail. When the system fails, the pool will quickly be unusable for swimming. Having a team like Denton Pools on hand at all times is the best way to safeguard the wellbeing of your pool and guarantee it’s always ready on the blazing hot Texas Summer days. Denton Pools is ready to handle all your pools needs year round.

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