Pools can be built in a variety of amazing shapes and designs. With so many varieties to choose from, we present two awesome options that will definitely take your fancy.

Free Form Pools

These are certainly the most versatile and exotic when it comes to design. The only limiting factor is your imagination. These pools can be constructed in a myriad different ways. They have the added advantage that they can be designed to take up maximum amount of unused space on your property. This is something that more traditional rectangular or square designs do not offer. Succinctly, here is what you are getting: the most aesthetically pleasing pool of maximum possible size on your property. Unsurprisingly, you would require a swimming pool contractor in Denton to make all this possible.

If you want your pool to mimic natural settings then this design is the ideal choice. The pool can be lined with natural looking rock outcroppings, beautifully arranged stones and boulders, beach entries and even waterfalls to give that awesome idyllic look. This is the ideal choice for those who prefer “stay cautioning” since it very closely emulates the exquisite appearance of picturesque locations.

These amazing pools are made via the ‘gunite’ process which is not every contractor’s forte. But an expert swimming pool contractor in Denton should know this well. The gunite process revolutionized the way concrete pools are built. In this process, concrete mixture is pneumatically shot through a nozzle, making this process very convenient for construction and ideal for repair. This process is the perfect solution for versatile design and one of our core areas of expertise.

At this point, it would be worth mentioning a very innovative concrete material called pebble tec. Pebbled tec concrete in particular is much more long lasting and has an attractive appearance.

Vanishing Pool

Also termed as the vanishing edge, infinity edge or zero edge, this format is an exceedingly popular design and for a very good reason too. These pools create a breathtaking optical illusion that can astound the senses and wow onlookers. These designs simply never fail to impress.

With meticulous skill, one edge of the pool is made to ‘vanish’ to pleasantly surprise viewers with the perception that one side of the pool has no edge at all or even that the pool water is extending into the horizon. The trick to this design is that water is actually flowing out of the pool over a perimeter with a low edge. The outgoing water is then pumped back into the pool.

In concept, it may sound deceptively simple, however it requires adroit construction otherwise the end result can be disappointing. That’s where the vast expertise and skill of a sound swimming pool contractor in Denton comes into the picture.

To further spice up this exquisite pool, you can also go for additions like fancy lighting, waterfalls, fireplaces, pool bars, decks and patios (lined with beautiful tiles and marbles) and so much more.

If you have already made up your mind then don’t hesitate to contact Denton Pools for a free consultation.