We at Denton Pools take pride in helping families from all backgrounds achieve their goals of owning a pool. Whether it’s a big mansion or a modest bungalow, we find ways to add a welcome touch of blue to your living spaces.

Have a look at these tips on how to design a perfectly functional and aesthetically pleasing pool for a small space or home:

Consider Opting for a Plunge Pool

Not all pools have to be built for laps. In fact, a good number of people simply want a private, outdoor space to enjoy a dip in cool water when the summer heat rolls in.

Plunge pools are about as deep as the deep end of a conventional pool, but cover much smaller ground. They’re perfect for those who prefer immersion, and merge well with features like artificial waterfalls.

Try a Small Lap Pool If You Want a Pool for Exercise

Odds are you aren’t planning on hosting swim meets from your home, so a small lap pool with the dimensions to fit a single lane are both functional and space-saving. Pair it up with a row of sun loungers, and you have a backyard space fit for both health and recreation.

Design a Space around Your Pool

If, like many, you find the biggest appeal of a pool to be its aesthetic value, then the visual effect planning around it can magnify any small pool. You can set up an outdoor dining area, or even a party space complete with a hot tub and fire pit. All it takes for a home to benefit from a pool is creativity.

On a closing note, contact a professional pool designer if you need help working a pool into a modest space. Or better yet, work directly with a firm like Denton Pools, which gives insight into pool design while delivering quality installation services.