Here at Denton Pools, we always begin the new swimming pool process by digging the shape of the new pool in the allocated space of the yard and then install the iron rebar.

The rebar will create a grid outline around the overall swimming pool and/or spa to help create the general structure and shape. This is the time when you will start seeing your vision or idea come to life.

Once the rebar has been finished or completed, we will then begin spraying and spreading heavy coating of gunite around every ounce of rebar.


Tip: Gunite is a general mixture of sand and cement that is mixed with water than sprayed, smoothed, and left to set, to dry, and harden.

After the gunite has been applied, we will then apply plaster with the selected color to finalize or to finish up the project.

However during this step if you are looking for a higher end overall look with pebbled tech or a finished tile look, we have the ability to customize so please let us know.

Each of the custom options can come in a variety of choices like sizes, colors, and patterns. So please do not be afraid by mixing and coming up with various combinations to match your yard or your overall pool scape.

Tip: Adding accents within your pool plaster can help create overall interest and can add overall pop of color to any project.

For additional information about the swimming pool building process please contact us today via web contact form or call us via phone number.