Here at Denton Pools, we are all about building and maintaining safe swimming pools for families. This is why we remind our customers that the leisure and health benefits of having a pool come with the responsibility of keeping it child-friendly. Below are

Learn the risks of portable and low quality pools.

Young children aged three to five years old are the ones at most risk of drowning. In fact, they can even drown in less than two inches of water, which can be as shallow as a ditch filled with rainwater. The most common places of drowning happen in portable pools. Studies have shown that more and more kids are in danger because of low quality portable pools, which include inflatable and wading pools. Since they are affordable, soft, and easy to install, many parents think that they pose no threat. However, they are great risks of slip and fall cases.

Add a fence if necessary.

Parents can now add a fence around the pool to prevent kids from diving, swimming without supervision, and slipping and falling. The advisable height is four feet with a distance enough not to hinder access. Experts also recommend having it installed with a self-latching gate.

Regularly clean the pool.

Make it a regular habit to clean and remove toys in the pool area after every use. It is important to remove toys or any object that might cause the child to reach in and try to grab it. Many parents nowadays cover the pool for added protection. Also, ask experts on the correct way and frequency of changing the water.

Make sure your kids learn how to swim early.

When should your child learn how to swim? The earlier the better, experts say. Being physically active and knowledgeable on swimming are still the best tools in preventing any risk of drowning. Also, if you start early with their lessons, they can be more comfortable with water. Just make sure that they are properly taught and not forced to learn to avoid trauma.

Add drain covers.

Drain covers prevent hair, small toys, and clothes from getting caught in the drain. You would be surprised at the number of children drowning because of getting stuck or tangled in pool drains.

To learn more about having a safe and child-friendly swimming pool in your home, please feel free to contact us soon and schedule a free consultation and estimate here in the Texas, Oklahoma area.