We at Denton Pools have received one too many calls of serious swimming pool damages not only due to unforeseeable events or wear and tear, but also due to human error. This includes many of our clients trying to solve the problem themselves. As a family-owned business, we understand that sometimes rolling up your sleeves and trying to get the job done yourself works. However, when it comes to swimming pool repair, DIY might not cut it.

For instance, a Swimming Pool Leak is one of the hardest problems to detect. It is normal to lose water from evaporation, backwashing, or continuous usage, but finding out if it is caused by a leak is a different story. Hiring a professional team will help you save time and stress. In fact, many pool teams can immediately detect the leak without disrupting your planned pool activity.

Another need for a professional team is Swimming Pool Maintenance. Depending on your pool and area, weekly, monthly, or annual pool maintenance might be required. Unless you have prior knowledge in swimming pool, it might be best to leave it to professionals in cleaning the pool filter, shocking the pool, ensuring the proper level of pH and chlorine, to name a few.

There are a lot of cases that insurance companies will require certification from a reputable pool company. In this case, your possible, future claim might also be endangered.

One of the most compelling reasons to hire a local pool service company is safety. One example is draining your pool in an attempt to address damage or clean it. The problem is the process can place you in high risk of slip and fall or causing further repairs, not to mention exposing yourself and family to foreign chemicals.

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